The second Dutch 95 meeting

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The second Dutch 95 meeting

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Here's a forwarded message from my friend Melle Zijlstra:

Last year Syb Rozendal and I organised the first Dutch 95 meeting. We managed to collect 7 95 V4's and a bunch Saabs of other models. This year we're doing it again! At this second meeting we also hope to welcome some strokers, 95-specials and foreign visitors. Every 95 admirer is welcome of course, also when you don't own a V4 or a stroker 95.

You're most welcome on 22 October 2011 at
Stoffeerderij Rozendal
Het Helmhout 14-c
Drachten Holland

We start at 15.30 with a coffee and a chat, of course combined with a look at the cars and a 95 group photo. Then it's time for a cosy V4-garage-gourmet in the workshop. We ask everybody to bring their own chair and gourmet/ grill and something to eat and/ or to drink.

Please register via
Link to some pictures from last year: ... 5&start=45

Hope to see you in Drachten!

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