9-5 OG Hirsch boost, Tech2

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9-5 OG Hirsch boost, Tech2

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Hi Guys,

I own & use a '99 9-5 Troll 5-door w/ Hirsch, in Helsinki area. I have several issues I'd like to address in the near future:

- exchange oil
- get the message "Program new ACC" cleared (requires Tech2)
- get my turbo checked, as it doesn't have the usual boost. It is a TB2810A, hasn't ever been replaced nor refurbished (280k).

I used to go to Holmberg (great place I think), but I s'pose he does not have a Tech2. I've found an ad of Hameenlinna, which might be OK of course, but if possible I would not go that far if not needed...

So, is there any Tech2 guy near Helsinki?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: 9-5 OG Hirsch boost, Tech2

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Vähämaa hyvinkää have tech2, and also nick "Hook" for example. Every official saab service as well.
Jäsen #4473, Tech 2
Saab 9-5 wagon 2.0t -07
Fiat 126 0.5 4v 2d -73, Ducati ST 2 -99.

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