Lookin parts for Saab 96

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Lookin parts for Saab 96

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Good day

I new in this forum, but i need some spare parts that i cant find in estonia.
i have project car and does anyone have a rounded lights front ? original rounded mirrors? I really would need those parts, because my car has been in a hault for years of these problems.
I have 76 year Saab 96.

Just in case looking for this nose:

https://www.google.ee/search?q=saab+ro ... 73%3B1829

If any one knows were i could get those parts, i would be very glad!

Best wishes and hoping for the best

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Re: Lookin parts for Saab 96

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Look in your private mail box (YV) to see my message.
Where have all the 2-strokes gone?
SAAB 95/96 = Talviauto jonka kanssa pärjää kesälläkin!
Vinterbil med fina sommar egenskaper!
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