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2001 9-5 Aero Low Boost

Lähetetty: Ke Tammi 27, 2021 13:59
Kirjoittaja Groke

I'm an English guy living in Finland, I do speak Finnish if anyone would prefer answering in Finnish :) Writing is much harder than speaking..
I have 2 Saab 9-5s, a 2001 2.3 SE and a 2001 Aero, one of which seems to have belonged to a forum member at some point :)

Amongst wiper motor and alternator problems, both of which will be solved this week, I've been having boost issues with the Aero since I bought it. I installed a boost gauge and the it seems to be getting to base boost only, around 0.5bar, sometimes peaking at 0.6, sometimes 0.4. I changed all of the vacuum pipes, tried the APC valve and manifold pressure sensor from the other car, did the bolt mod, tried bypassing the vacuum pump on the firewall, replaced a couple of check valves, tried a brand new ignition coil pack but nothing seems to change. The only time I've ever had full boost, is if I clamp the wastegate pipe going to the BPC, the middle pipe. I suspect the catalyser now, but I am no expert.

Now since my wiper motor is out, I can check the connection on the ECU, would a bad j16? splice cause this? Or is there anyway to check if my catalyser is blocked without having to unbolt it, since it's winter and I don't want to get under that thing right now. I'm kind of out of ideas now as to what it could be. The turbo (TD04) is around a year old since I replaced it, it never boosted properly before or after that turbo change. I replaced the GT17 in the other car along with all the vacuum pipes and that boosts to 1.1bar just fine, I think it was remapped by Karl at some point.

Any help would be appreciated, I really would like to have the full potential from the car.

Re: 2001 9-5 Aero Low Boost

Lähetetty: To Tammi 28, 2021 23:40
Kirjoittaja Kaide
Looks like you are running on " base boost" set on the wastegate actuator and the boost control valve isnt just doing anything. Have you checked all the 3 small rubber hoses from the BCV to the turbo and inlet ? I had one of the hoses bent so the air didnt flow and i lost boost just like that .

Re: 2001 9-5 Aero Low Boost

Lähetetty: Pe Tammi 29, 2021 09:20
Kirjoittaja Groke
You know, I forgot to mention I didn't check those. I did replace them on the other car with silicon but not on this one. Off to puuilo to get some new piping and clamps :) Maybe I should start small before taking a sorkkarauta to the catalyser!

Won't be till I get that alternator fixed that I can test it, but I'll report back.

Kiitos avusta :)