How to register ?

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How to register ?

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Is there a way to register if a person does not understand Finnish language ?
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Re: How to register ?

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I don't think that registration part is in English.. but I hope this helps a bit :)
In the middle up there is “rekisteröidy” which means “register”. Then you are shown the terms, you can use to translate the “rules”

Hyväksyn ehdot = I accept these terms
En hyväksy = I don’t accept

Käyttäjätunnus = nick name
Sähköposti = email
Varmista sähköposti = re-enter email
Salasana = password
Varmista salasana = re-enter password
Kumpi näistä on saab, 900 vai 740 = which one of these is saab, 900 or 740
Kieli = language
Aikavyöhyke = time zone
Vahvistuskoodi = ”confirmation code”, so enter what ever you see in that big box
Lähetä = send
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