2010-11 Saab 9-5 - 9650 Technical Overview

Vuonna 2010 markkinoille tullut täysin uusi 9-5.
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"Team Ylläpito"
"Team Ylläpito"
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2010-11 Saab 9-5 - 9650 Technical Overview

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Nyt löyty painavaa teknistä speksiä autosta ja sen ominaisuuksista:
The document “Functional Description 650” contains detailed descriptions of all electrical systems and subsystems that are connected to the vehicles’ busses. There are also references to other documents due to including them would go beyond the scope of this document. These are for example Data Dictionaries and manuals.

The base for this document is vehicle state in October 2009 of 65x MY10,75. Thus some MY11 subsystems are not included like Rear View Camera (RVC) and Side Blinde Zone Alert (SBZA).

The systems will be split up into their network belonging:

High Speed CAN (including Chassis Expansion Bus)
Mid Speed CAN / Infotainment
Low Speed

In addition, main functions will be explained separately, such as gateway functionality, lighting, locking, sport mode, rear seat entertainment etc.

The information included in this document correspond to the actual state of the vehicle’s systems by the time of going to press. Please do always check if changes have been made to the system.
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